Top 5 Vegetables You Must Be Eating – Amazing Health Benefits and Nutrition Contents


Vegetables Vegetables and fruits are the best foods that one can have in their daily diet to maintain good health. Vegetables must be consumed by properly washing them with normal or hot water and then by boiling them or making any sort of dish. Vegetables are a natural source of almost all nutrients like vitamins … Read more

6 Basic Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners – 6 Benefits – 6 Mistakes To Avoid


Calisthenics Calisthenics is the type of training that relies only on the body weight, that is the bodyweight acts as a resistance to the muscle. These are the best kind of functional training that builds strength, and endurance strengthens our ligaments, joints, and bones. Basic Calisthenics exercises 1. Pushups: Pushups are one of the first … Read more

Masturbating Effects – 7 Symptoms of Masturbation Addiction – 4 Alarming Negative Effects


Overview Masturbation is a natural activity to release built-up sexual tension in the absence of a partner. It’s a natural and safe way to explore your body and to feel the pleasure by yourself. As said, any activity gives you benefits till a certain limit. Excessive masturbation also has side effects and can harm your … Read more

Fruit diet-5 Important benefits and disadvantages

Fruit diet

What is a Fruit Diet? A fruit diet, as it says by itself, is a diet that restricts all other foods except fruits. It excludes all animal products and dairy. The main point is many people consume raw fruits instead of cooking them and exploring varieties. People also prefer having some vegetables, seeds, and of … Read more