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7 Chakras in Human Body

7 Chakras in Human Body

What Are Chakras in Human Body? In the yogic culture, the word “chakra” literally means “wheel.” But the 7 chakras in human body are not in the shape of a circle or wheel. Instead, they ...
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Importance of sports

Importance of Sports – Health Benefits

What Is The Importance of Sports? Let’s understand why sport is an essential part of one’s life. As kids, we tend to be more energetic and playful than adults, no matter what day. This is ...
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Rules of yoga

7 Rules of Yoga – Do’s and Dont’s

Why Rules? Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline and wisdom for coordinating body and mind, which dates back to around 10,000 BC. The knowledge and teachings of this practice were passed down verbally for several ...
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Exercises for Sciatica

Exercises For Sciatica – 5 Best Yoga Poses

What is Sciatica? Sciatica refers to the pain that affects your lower back and hip and starts radiating along the sciatic nerve (through buttocks) down one or both legs. The sciatic nerve is the longest ...
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Spiritual Health

What is Spiritual Health? – Health Benefits of Spirituality

What is Spiritual Health? There is no easy way to describe spirituality as it entirely deals with human nature and how we live. So, the question is - what is spiritual health, and is it ...
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Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga? – 7 Best Yoga Poses For Beginners 

Yoga, in its essence, literally signifies the union of everything to be perceived as "one" or "whole." The general Yoga routine practiced in the West is technically Hatha yoga. It is usually considered the preparatory ...
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Increase Stamina

How To Increase Stamina – 5 Effective Foods and Exercises

Generally, fitness has several components - physically and mentally that add up to keep your health in check. You cannot choose this or that to be completely healthy. For instance, strength, endurance, and speed must ...
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calisthenics workout

What Is Calisthenics Workout – 6 Amazing Benefits And Things To Avoid For Beginners

What is calisthenics? Calisthenics is a type of exercise that includes bodyweight exercises and specific advanced movements. A calisthenics workout contains different compound movements grouped together, which activates the whole body. There are several differences between ...
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Toned Body

How To Get Toned Body – 5 Amazing Tips

What is Body Toning? Body toning is nothing but getting your body into shape. A toned body not only looks good, but it functions to its fullest potential physically. Our body is not supposed to ...
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Back pain

Home Remedies For Back Pain – 7 Ways To Manage Pain At Home

Back pain is a lot more than annoying. Isn't it? It affects your daily functioning and limits various activities. The confusing thing about back pain is you have less chance of knowing what caused it ...
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Sacral chakra

Importance Of The Sacral Chakra – 5 Natural Lifestyle Habits To Heal

Sacral Chakra The sacral chakra is the second primary chakra in the human body. This chakra is related to our "self," creativity, emotions, relationships with ourselves and with others, and sex drive.It is said that ...
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Yoga mental health

Yoga For Mental Health – Yogic Ways To Improve Your Well-Being

The name "Yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Yuj," which literally means 'union' - to come together and understand that we are all one. It marks its importance in postures, breath, and meditation as ...
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