Yoga and Fitness

Rules while doing yoga

7 Easy Yoga Poses For Overall Fitness

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of practice in the world. It helps in keeping our body and mind healthy. Doing yoga poses on a daily basis is considered beneficial for the organs too ...
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Yoga poses

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss – 7 Easy Asanas

Hasn’t yoga been popularized a great deal presently? Mostly, in western culture, people think of yoga as mere postures and poses. But is it what yoga actually means? There are indeed various yoga poses for ...
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Weight training at home

Weight Training At Home – 14 Best Exercises To Build Muscle

Do you have sufficient time to go to the gym every day? What if you can do weight training at home and get the same results? Today's work-life balance is so unstable that hardly people can ...
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things killing your gains

Top 5 Things Killing Your Gains

What are the things killing your gains? You may have noticed that you lose your muscle pump within a few days. That is because you have some deterrent habits during the muscle gaining phase. So, ...
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6 Amazing Spiritual Practices For Everyday Life

Spiritual practices are the practices that everyone should do in their daily life. These practices are not complicated as you may think they are. But, listed below are the practices that a normal human being ...
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7 Day Gym Workout Plan – Amazing Weight Training Tricks

Weight training workout is one of the best ways to build strength and endurance. One who is looking to build muscle mass should opt for weight training. Our body is designed to move, so you ...
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Top 6 Exercises Everyone Should Do

Body Weight Exercises Bodyweight exercises build a strong base. Our body requires certain kinds of movement to be fit and healthy, and that is why one must move every day. Exercising for at least 15-30 ...
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Body weight exercises

Crown Chakra – 9 Alarming Signs Of Blockage and Tips to Heal

The Crown Chakra Crown chakra, also called "Sahasrara" chakra, is the seventh chakra in the human body located at the crown of the head. The word “Sahasrara” means thousand or infinite. This chakra is related ...
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Ajna chakra

Ajna Chakra – The Third eye – 9 Alarming Signs of Blockage – Healing Tips

Ajna Chakra Ajna Chakra, also called "The third eye" chakra is the sixth chakra in the human body located in between the eyebrows. The word “Ajna” means to perceive, a command that is beyond wisdom ...
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Throat chakra

The Throat Chakra – Alarming Signs Of Blockage – 6 Tips To Heal

The Throat Chakra The Throat Chakra, also called "Vishuddha" chakra is the fifth chakra in the human body located at the pit of the throat. The word “Vishuddha” literally means unstruck. This chakra is related to ...
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Heart chakra

The Heart Chakra – Alarming Symptoms of Blockage – 6 tips to heal

The Heart Chakra The Heart Chakra, also called "Anahata" chakra is the fourth chakra in the human body located near the heart, in the center of the chest. The word “anahata” literally means unstruck. This ...
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Solar plexus / Manipura chakra

Manipura Chakra – Alarming Signs of Blockage – 5 Easy Healing Tips

Manipura Chakra The Solar plexus Chakra, also called "Manipura" chakra is the third chakra in the human body located above the belly navel. This chakra is related to personal power, willpower, warrior energy, ambition, etc.The ...
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