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7 Chakras in Human Body

7 Chakras in Human Body

What Are Chakras in Human Body? In the yogic culture, the word “chakra” literally means “wheel.” But the 7 chakras in human body are not in the shape of a circle or wheel. Instead, they ...
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Benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking – What Really Happens?

As of today, smoking has been one of the most common ways to get a long range of diseases such as heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, etc.It releases harmful ...
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Protein Rich Food For Vegetarians

8 Best Protein Rich Food For Vegetarians

Importance of Protein Protein is crucial for every cell in your body. It needs protein so that your body repairs itself from the daily wear and tear of muscles and recovers faster. Children and teenagers ...
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Foods for High blood pressure

7 Best Foods For High Blood Pressure

What is Hypertension? High blood pressure or hypertension is one of today's most common health conditions. It has affected almost 25% of India's population. But there is good news. The healthiest way to keep in ...
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benefits of onions

6 Benefits Of Onions – Must Follow Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Health Benefits Of Eating Onions The health benefits of onions are known worldwide. Onions belong to the genus Allium and are also related to garlic, shallots, and leeks. People consume roughly 20 pounds annually, eating ...
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Importance of sports

Importance of Sports – Health Benefits

What Is The Importance of Sports? Let’s understand why sport is an essential part of one’s life. As kids, we tend to be more energetic and playful than adults, no matter what day. This is ...
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Importance of Balanced Diet?

Importance Of Balanced Diet – 5 Best Foods For Better Metabolism

Introduction A balanced diet is something that has immense importance in our daily life. You probably are unaware of what and how you eat your food, but it greatly influences your health. It affects your ...
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water bottle

Which Water Bottle Is Good For Health – 5 Harmful Side Effects Of Plastic Bottles

Which Type Of Water bottle Is Best? Which water bottle should you use on a daily basis? Is it a plastic water bottle? It is really a bad idea to carry water in a bottle ...
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Rules of yoga

7 Rules of Yoga – Do’s and Dont’s

Why Rules? Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline and wisdom for coordinating body and mind, which dates back to around 10,000 BC. The knowledge and teachings of this practice were passed down verbally for several ...
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How to get rid of dark circles naturally?

How To Get Rid of Dark Circles – 9 Ways To Remove Them

What Are Dark Circles? Dark eye circles are nothing but dark-like spots under your eyelids. They are common in both men and women. It can also be a sign that may indicate that your lifestyle ...
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Importance of Communication

Importance of Communication – 6 Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication - What, Where and Why? Are we communicating properly with each other? With your family, friends, and the people around you? Communication skills are not only necessary in your workplace but also your everyday ...
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Exercises for Sciatica

Exercises For Sciatica – 5 Best Yoga Poses

What is Sciatica? Sciatica refers to the pain that affects your lower back and hip and starts radiating along the sciatic nerve (through buttocks) down one or both legs. The sciatic nerve is the longest ...
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