5 Effective Exercises To Improve Posture – Importance and Benefits

Exercises To Improve Posture

How often have you heard that good posture is crucial for your health? Maybe countless times, in a magazine, in a fitness video, in yoga, and also from your personal trainer. Every expert must have taught you several exercises to improve posture, right? But why?  Your posture defines how you sit, stand, and lie down. … Read more

Lifestyle Changes For Better Well-Being – Importance and 5 Benefits

Lifestyle change

Lifestyle represents your daily activities involving how you think, act, eat and live. These actions are your choices and tend to influence your life massively. Overall, they reflect your attitude, values, and personality.  Lifestyle changes are necessary to enhance the quality of your life. For instance, sticking to a healthy diet and daily exercising will … Read more

Importance of Mental Health – 5 Proper Ways To Improve It

Importance of mental health

Why is our generation finding it so hard to deal with their mental state? Physically, we live the most comfortable and convenient life compared to our ancestors. So, what is causing such suffering, that is taking away happiness from our lives?   Our mental or psychological health is far more essential in daily living. It is … Read more

HIIT Workouts For Weight Loss – 3 Full Body Workout Plan

HIIT workouts for weight loss

What is HIIT Workout? HIIT means “High-Intensity Interval Training.” HIIT workouts for weight loss consist of intense exercises with particular rest periods. These workouts are between 10 mins to 30 mins in duration. This is the best part about HIIT training.  This type of training is suitable for people with busy lives. It is a … Read more

Cardio Exercises At Home – 7 Effective Exercises For Perfect Health

Cardio Exercises At Home

What is Cardio Exercise? Cardio, cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, is basically an activity that gets your heart rate up. It is an activity that makes you breathe deeply and rapidly as you engage large muscle groups in your body over a definite period. In any aerobic or endurance exercise, you will naturally need more oxygen … Read more