Food and Nutrition

Protein Rich Food For Vegetarians

8 Best Protein Rich Food For Vegetarians

Importance of Protein Protein is crucial for every cell in your body. It needs protein so that your body repairs itself from the daily wear and tear of muscles and recovers faster. Children and teenagers ...
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Foods for High blood pressure

7 Best Foods For High Blood Pressure

What is Hypertension? High blood pressure or hypertension is one of today's most common health conditions. It has affected almost 25% of India's population. But there is good news. The healthiest way to keep in ...
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benefits of onions

6 Benefits Of Onions – Must Follow Hair Care Routine For Healthy Hair

Health Benefits Of Eating Onions The health benefits of onions are known worldwide. Onions belong to the genus Allium and are also related to garlic, shallots, and leeks. People consume roughly 20 pounds annually, eating ...
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Importance of Balanced Diet?

Importance Of Balanced Diet – 5 Best Foods For Better Metabolism

Introduction A balanced diet is something that has immense importance in our daily life. You probably are unaware of what and how you eat your food, but it greatly influences your health. It affects your ...
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water bottle

Which Water Bottle Is Good For Health – 5 Harmful Side Effects Of Plastic Bottles

Which Type Of Water bottle Is Best? Which water bottle should you use on a daily basis? Is it a plastic water bottle? It is really a bad idea to carry water in a bottle ...
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What is junk food

What Is Junk Food – 5 Important Reasons Not To Eat Junk Food

What is Junk Food? Junk food undoubtedly makes your mouth watery, but it's not good for our health. The food we eat has a significant impact on the body and mind. You might have observed ...
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Healthy Eating

5 Tips For Eating Healthy – How And What to Eat

There must be a great deal of information guiding you on what and how to eat. Seeing this can be overwhelming as you might find quite a bit of information contradictory. Every individual has their ...
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Healthy Food Chart

Healthy Food Chart – 20 Foods You Must Eat To Be Healthy

A healthy food chart contains foods that contain essential nutrients that you need in daily life. These foods, if consumed in the right quantities, have a lot of positive effects on our health. This healthy food ...
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Fruits for glowing skin

14 Amazing Dry Fruits And Fruits For Glowing Skin

The fruit diet is followed by yogis for its amazing benefits. This blog is about dry fruits and fruits for glowing skin. Fruits have many nutrients that our body needs in order to function wonderfully well ...
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diet chart for weight loss

Diet Chart For Weight Loss – 6 Nutritious Meals

Weight loss and weight gain rely on your calorie intake per day. Our diet chart for weight loss will give you an idea of what a weight loss diet should be. Before that, you need ...
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Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic Diet – Benefits And Diet Plan For Detoxification

What is Ayurvedic Diet? The concept of Ayurveda has been around for more than five thousand years. The word "Ayurveda" is a Sanskrit word that combines "Ayur" (life) and "Veda" (Science). In literal terms, it ...
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Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder – 5 Amazing Benefits

What is Whey Protein? Whey protein powder is the powder form of whey protein. Whey protein is one of the proteins present in milk. Whey is the watery portion of milk that we get after ...
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