Immune System Disorders – Types of Autoimmune Diseases

Immune system

What are Immune System Disorders? These disorders are conditions that cause abnormal activity of the immune system. The immune system tends to become underactive or overactive in certain individuals causing complications with their health. Low activity of it decreases the body’s natural ability to fight against viruses and bacteria, hence a person becomes more vulnerable … Read more

Testosterone Levels – 7 Symptoms And Basic Tips on Low Testosterone

Low testosterone

What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body which is dominant in males. Testicles produce this hormone in men. A man’s appearance (body and facial hair) and other sexual features are based on his testosterone levels. It is responsible for the production of the reproductive cell sperm. It also helps in … Read more

Why Mental Health is Important – 6 Ways to Improve Mental Health

Mental health

What is Mental Health? As it indicates “health”, is a huge part of your well-being, but also the most important component when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. This aspect of life includes thoughts, behavior, and emotional structure. To put it in simple words, it is about how people think, feel and act. The condition … Read more