What is Spiritual Health? – Health Benefits of Spirituality

Spiritual Health

What is Spiritual Health? There is no easy way to describe spirituality as it entirely deals with human nature and how we live. So, the question is – what is spiritual health, and is it essential for our overall well-being?     Spiritual health is a dimension of our being that merges all the other fundamental aspects … Read more

How To Increase Stamina – 5 Effective Foods and Exercises

Increase Stamina

Generally, fitness has several components – physically and mentally that add up to keep your health in check. You cannot choose this or that to be completely healthy. For instance, strength, endurance, and speed must go together to be a fit individual.   Almost everyone knows the importance of strength and endurance. However, there is another … Read more

Self-Discipline – 5 Powerful Ways To Master Your Self

Self-discipline is important

What is Self-Discipline? We have all heard about how important conventional discipline is. But is self-discipline something different or an extraordinary part of one’s life? The answer is yes. It is the kind of discipline that calls forth a unique sense of purpose and vitality to your life.  The traditional method of self-discipline says to … Read more

5 Effective Exercises To Improve Posture – Importance and Benefits

Exercises To Improve Posture

How often have you heard that good posture is crucial for your health? Maybe countless times, in a magazine, in a fitness video, in yoga, and also from your personal trainer. Every expert must have taught you several exercises to improve posture, right? But why?  Your posture defines how you sit, stand, and lie down. … Read more