5 Tips For Eating Healthy – How And What to Eat

Tips For Eating Healthy

There must be a great deal of information guiding you on what and how to eat. Seeing this can be overwhelming as you might find quite a bit of information contradictory. Every individual has their own requirement for nutrients, and certain foods don’t go along so well for some people.

Of course, the type or content of food greatly impacts your health, but how you consume is equally important. Whatever food you eat, it has essentially come from the same soil and has a certain energy in it.

Eating right is the basic foundation for good health and is highly individual. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. As per Ayurveda and yogic culture, it is highly recommended to eat fresh fruits and moderately cooked food. So, every time you eat, consider this an excellent opportunity to nourish yourself. 

Having your food consciously is another crucial factor in good health. This means you don’t need the same amount of food every day. You need to observe and understand what your body demands and eat according to it. 

Why Is It Important To Eat Properly?

People often discuss what to eat, the nutritional value, benefits, etc. However, what time you eat, in what posture you eat, and how you chew your food are completely ignored. Eating is not just about good digestion and gaining benefits. It is also about how you perceive life and how every food is a part of you. 

Your eating need not be routine. Your body demands a certain amount of food each day, so you should consume only that much. Anything lesser than that is still fine, but problems occur when it exceeds your body’s daily demand or requirement. 

If you observe any animal – a cat, dog, or bird, they refuse to eat on some days because they are aware of what to eat and what not. In today’s world, we have imposed ridiculous disciplines that one should consume this and that amount of food. 

This awareness is the key to healthy eating and living. Overconsumption of food doesn’t mean you are fulfilling your body’s demands. On the contrary, you are destroying the body’s natural awareness by continuously eating and drinking unnecessarily. (1)

You must understand that food is life and a meaningful way to nourish our brain and body. However, if you observe today’s generation, food is considered mere entertainment by seeking the pleasure of taste all the time. This sense of pleasure gradually eradicates your body’s intelligence. 

7 Tips For Eating Healthy:

So, let’s understand and discuss a few tips that hold great value in good health and well-being:

1) Sit-Crossed Leg:

Crossed leg posture while eating

Whether you are eating or not, sitting in this posture has tremendous benefits for your physical as well as mental health. As per Yogic tradition, this posture signifies the importance of receiving energy. When you sit cross-legged, your body intends to receive energy from higher aspects of life. 

Furthermore, it ensures good blood flow to the stomach and promotes good digestion.

2) Embrace Silence

No talking while eating

Through silence, you learn to pay attention to only one thing. During your meal, this is highly essential because this will provide attention and care to every bite you take. The idea is to focus only on your meal while having no other thoughts or distractions. (2)

This means even watching your phone or television is a strict no. This will bring a certain awareness where you will know how long to chew your food.

Talking is undoubtedly a bad habit while eating because then you would be doing two things at a time – talking and eating, which are contradictory. Talking means the speech has to come out of your mouth, and eating means the food has to go in. Doing both at the same time can lead things to go wrong.  

3) Use Your Hands While Eating

Eat With Your Hands

In today’s generation, people often eat with a spoon or fork. Using your hands, you will know how hot or cold the food is and how good enough it is to eat.  

With hands, you can certainly feel the food. Above all, you always make sure to clean your hands before having your meal. However, the cleanliness of the spoon is not entirely in your hands, especially if you are eating outside.

4) Identify Your Hunger

Identify your hunger

Hunger indicates that your body requires food, which is the best way to nourish yourself because your body automatically utilizes all the essential nutrients you need most. 

Also, it helps you to avoid overconsumption or eating unnecessarily. Your body always signals toward food when you are hungry. Learn to tune in. If you are unsure whether you are hungry, reflect on when and how much you ate.

Most people often eat when they are anxious or lonely. Always remember not to give in to this compulsive urge to eat mindlessly. Be aware of your emotions and feelings before eating. (3)

5) No Snacking In Between meals

Avoid eating snacks

Your stomach requires sufficient rest for digestive purposes. During digestion, the cells almost cease to purify your body. So, when you keep eating throughout the day, the impurities will increase in your body substantially, creating numerous problems over time. 

Moreover, the intestines will not function at their best because the bodily waste will reach the colon frequently instead of at once. According to yoga, an unclean colon leads to various health complications. After all, the efficient working of the organs is directly connected to a healthy psychological state.

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