How music affects the brain and why is it so powerful? – 7 impacts it has on health.


Why is music so powerful? First, let’s understand what music is. Music happens to come from a certain arrangement of sounds. Well, the definition seems quite simple, but what makes it so powerful is that we begin to perceive or feel emotions towards a particular song. It is not just about playing with words, they … Read more

What are subliminals? How do they work?


What is a subliminal? Subliminal is a message or an affirmation below the threshold of one’s perception or sensation. It can be either visual or auditory. Basically, it’s a message designed to influence an individual’s behavior or mental process. An important thing to understand is that we can’t be consciously aware of these messages even … Read more

Is vegetarian diet healthier?


Why vegetarian? Although most people enjoy their meat-based meals, some have also decided to go vegetarian or vegan because they can’t handle the thought of harming animals or seeing any living creature go through pain. Also, there are others who follow this diet for health benefits. Well, there are certainly countable perks of going vegetarian. … Read more

Importance of Water And 10 Right Ways of Consuming It

Importance of Water As science describes water as an inorganic compound that is an important constituent of the earth’s hydrosphere, it is equally vital for all forms of life and helps to provide essential nutrients.  Not only nutrients, but there would also certainly be no life on earth if there is no water. Hence, it … Read more

Chakras in Human Body

7 Chakras in Human Body

What Are Chakras? In the yogic culture, the word “chakra” literally means “wheel”. But these chakras are not in the shape of a circle or wheel rather they are in the form of triangles. They are spinning energy centers in our bodies. Chakras are not something fancy as mentioned in sci-fi, comic books, or anime. … Read more