Junk vs healthy food – 6 disadvantages of Junk food

Food is Life

Healthy Food

Everyone knows food is as important as the air we breathe and the water that we drink. Basically, its a source of life. Food is fuel as well as medicine for our body. Its importance is directly related to our body, mind and spiritual well-being. 

It is not only about satisfying our hunger and cravings, but there is a whole science explaining the link between the food and how it affects our quality of life. The healthier we eat, the more nourishment of our body happens. 

It provides us with the essential vitamins and nutrients that our body need so that we can be healthy, active and joyful. It’s not something to be considered as a commodity but the basic necessity of one’s life. 

It plays a major role in the maintenance of health in order to avoid any kind of illness. Every cell in our body needs sufficient energy to strengthen our muscles and bones, repair tissues, help develop our brain and other organs.

What is junk food? Why do you get addicted to it?


Basically, junk food is a category which is high in calories, salt, processed sugar and are often deep fried. Salted sugary snacks like chips, candy, sweet, desserts and fast/street food like burger, pani puri, samosa, pizza (depending on nutrients and how it is prepared) etc are mostly the food choices that one has in today’s life. 

Yes, they seem cravingly delicious but you are not doing any favor to your body by eating those low nutritional unhealthy food rather you are doing the opposite. Its unhealthy because of the negative impacts it has on your well-being.

A research suggests that watching ads about processed foods encourage people to eat more of these. It actually activates the reward system in the brain when one eats it on a daily basis, in the same way as addictive drugs (cocaine & alcohol). So, the more you eat it, the worse your body gets but you feel satisfied just like any other drug.

Manufacturers consider two factors while preparing it, the first is “sensation” while eating which includes its smell, taste (sweet, salty, spicy etc) and crunchiness.The second factor is the nutrients of it, though they are very less, but they add the perfect blend of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that excites our brain and makes us want to eat more often. It’s a TRAP. 

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Say No To Junk Food 


Obesity: As this contains loads of sugar, calories and fats which contribute to weight gain. Obesity can cause many medical issues like joint pain, diabetes and heart diseases.

Learning and memory problems: A study stated that people who stick to junk diet performed poorly in cognitive tests. So, it was concluded that junk food can weaken your memory and the brain. It causes damage due to inflammation in a certain part of the brain which is responsible for memory and recognition.

Depression and Anxiety issues: It can cause certain chemical reactions in the brain which affects its functioning. If you over consume these, the body loses essential nutrients and amino acids. This leads to weakening of your brain which becomes unable to deal with stress, anxiety. Hence, it leaves you feeling depressed.

Digestive troubles: Excessive sugar intake fluctuates blood sugar level and makes the brain demand more food which eventually leads to overeating. So, the body cannot digest such huge quantities and this may leave your brain in confusion.

Hinders growth and development: Major consumption of these causes deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients which hampers the growth of one’s body. Excess intake of soda and sugar causes tooth decay and weakening of bones.

Healthy alternatives

Junk food vs Healthy food
Junk vs Healthy foods
Categories Junk Food Healthy alternatives
Ice cream, chocolates, candies
Fruit Salad/Smoothie, Dark chocolate
Potato chips, french fries
Kale chips, Baked veggie fries, Roasted chickpeas, cashew nuts, Makhana
Indian Masala street food (samosa, pani puri), chilli chips
Hot Sauce Popcorn, Spicy noodles

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