Top 9 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that is annoying because you don’t get to eat a lot of things that you love. But during weight gain, it’s a bit relaxing if you are not concerned about your fat percentage. But as said, clean eating is a must in day-to-day life for anybody. 

During weight loss, our body converts our fat and muscles to glucose and uses it for daily activities. So, while undergoing fat loss or weight loss in general, we should avoid eating some foods that don’t really favor our goal. Some foods are less in size but contain more calories, so you should avoid eating those kinds of foods.

Foods that bloat our stomach, slow down our metabolism, have excess bad fat in them, or too many simple carbohydrates and sugar, etc. should be avoided during weight loss and they should also be avoided by everybody.

Top 5 Foods Affecting Weight Loss

1. White Bread

Weight loss

White Bread is made up of refined wheat flour which is basically sticky in nature and sticks to your intestines and does not get digested easily. It also has very less fiber content and a high glycemic index, hence it spikes sugar levels in the body. It contains a high amount of added sugar.

You can go for Whole wheat bread or Whole wheat multigrain bread in case you like to eat bread so that it does not affect weight loss. But, try not to have these processed foods, instead have Indian bread (roti/chapati) or brown rice.

2. Candy bars

Candy bars affect Weight loss

White bread, contains lots of added sugar, oils, and refined flour to it. An average-sized candy bar contains nearly 200-300 calories. So these are high in calories and low in nutrients. Replace these candy bars and chocolates with dry fruits and nuts that help in weight loss. Avoid eating any kind of milk chocolate and sugar-filled tempting food items.

3. Cakes and Pastries

Cakes and pastries affect Weight loss

Yeah, cakes and pastries are almost like white bread which contains refined flour, yeast, lot of sugar, hence a lot of calories in a small-sized food. It has a high glycemic index, so it will spike the blood. It contains trans fat which is harmful to the human body. You can always have sweets made up of jaggery, dark chocolates, healthy Nutty bars, etc. that help in weight loss.

4. Alcohol like beer

Beer affect Weight loss

Beer is always related to a round tummy. This is because it is packed with calories more than carbohydrates and protein, which is about 7 calories per gram. Now, when you have alcohol like beer, it is in the form of liquid which again helps in gaining fat. Alcohol makes your body retain water which makes you look and feel bloated, in this way you won’t feel like you are undergoing weight loss.

Alcohol also affects the nervous system as it blocks the signals that travel from the brain to the body parts and back. So, if you drink alcohol in excess, it’s time to stop it and become more healthy and aware in life.

5. Ice-Cream

Ice-cream affect Weight loss

Ahh!! Ice-cream! So good when it comes to taste especially after a meal. But, you should avoid ice cream because it contains a lot of sugar, and nothing else affecting your weight loss journey. If you have ice creams in a small amount very rarely, it does not make any difference, you can have it. You can prepare your own ice cream at home by using milk, yogurt, dry fruits, fruits, and seeds that you like to have.

6. High calorie drinks

Cola affect Weight loss

Some soft drinks, sweetened drinks, and soda contain a high amount of added sugars to it which is totally unhealthy. Sometimes they contain added flavoring agents that are not good for the body which will make you bloated and gain fat. Soft drinks or any kind of carbonated drinks are not good for gut health as they affect the layers of the food pipe, stomach, and intestines. Forget about weight loss, your digestive organs are getting affected.

7. Chips and French fries

French fries affect Weight loss

Fruits and vegetables are so good for health but not their chips. Like potato is healthy but potato chips and fries are not. Once they are fried, they contain refined oil, sugar, and salts, hence summing up to high calories. Having these kinds of foods will make your metabolism slow and you will gain fat.

Imagine a potato contains fewer calories than its own chips. I mean to say, a raw potato has fewer calories and more nutrients and its chips have more calories and fewer nutrients.

8. Fast Foods

Junk food affect Weight loss

 Fast foods are high in calories, salt, and processed sugar and are often deep-fried which are unhealthy for the body. Food like chips, candy, sweets, desserts, and fast/street food like burgers, Pani puri, samosa, pizza, etc. comes under junk foods. These contain a large number of calories.  Loads of sugar, calories, and fats in these foods contribute to weight gain. 

These foods do not digest easily bringing your energy levels and gut health down. It basically contains refined ingredients like refined oil, refined flour, and refined sugar that are not at all good for the health.

9. Packed foods

Packed food affect Weight loss

Packed foods are unhealthy because they are being packed in a factory a long time before you actually eat them. They also contain some oils and preservatives to prevent them from spoiling. So these chemicals inside them are not good for gut health. Actually, we should eat any cooked food within 3 hours, so just think before eating the packaged food items. They use some kind of gaseous chemical inside the chips packet so that the chips do not lose their crispy ness.

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