10 Activities To Improve Mental Health – Benefits In Everyday Life

Mental health importance

Why Mental Health? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have been through hard times – looking for ways to earn money or new jobs, no outdoor activities, being isolated, and so forth. It has tremendously affected many people’s mental health in negative ways. When we talk about mental well-being, it’s not just about anxiety, … Read more

7 Amazing Yoga Poses For Core Strength – Right Ways To Do The Yoga Pose

Yoga poses

Core Strength Core strength is the strength of your core muscles (muscles around your stomach/abdomen area). If you have a weak core, you would not be able to do the daily activities with ease. Practicing/doing certain Yoga Poses can strengthen your core.  Yoga poses are also called yoga asanas in yogic terms. These asanas provide you with … Read more

Weight Gain Diet Plan – Top 7 Amazing Foods For Weight Gain – Tips To Build Your Own Diet

Weight gain

Weight Gain Weight gain is one of the most common goals among skinny people. Some people gain weight easily whereas others find it hard. The goal of gaining muscle mass is slightly different than that of just increasing pounds on the scale.  People usually tend to gain fat with some amount of muscle which is … Read more

Value of Discipline – 4 Proven Ways To Be Self-disciplined

Value of discipline

What is the real meaning of discipline? When the word “discipline” comes to your mind, what do you generally think of it? It probably has to do something with a strict teacher, following some guru, or controlling your actions, but is that really the true meaning of discipline? Discipline in itself means “to learn”, to … Read more