Top 6 Fitness Tips and Things To Avoid



Fitness is vital for every human being. It is something that gives you the strength to do daily activities. People who play sports are more fit than those who do not have any fitness regime. You need not play a sport but should have a fitness regime. Practice Yoga every day or at least thrice a week, or run for 30 mins daily.

You can be fit by doing these activities daily or at least thrice a week. It’s not about what you do or how much time you do it. It’s about the number of calories you are burning and the parts of your body that you are activating.

Fitness Tips To Be Healthy

Get proper Sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is a must for recovering the body. You may find it difficult to fall asleep at night, that may be because of some habits like having coffee or caffeinated drinks, using a mobile phone till the time you go to the bed, etc. 

People who aim for fat loss tend to do all the required things such as working out, following a diet plan, counting calories, etc. except getting the right amount of sleep. The maximum amount of fat is burnt during sleep.

Active Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the first thing we should be looking at when it comes to our fitness i.e. physical as well as mental health. Nobody has the perfect lifestyle, but making slight changes such as adding exercises, eating clean, sleeping right, etc. will make you fit and healthy.

If you are someone who does not exercise, does not eat healthy food, or has a sedentary lifestyle, you must change your lifestyle. (1) You just need to follow a healthy habit for 21 days to make your body and mind habituated to the change. (2) And it takes 90 days to build a lifestyle.

Fitness regime

Following a fitness regime is what one should be doing in order to keep the body fit. One who is sitting the whole day, and not working out is definitely not as fit as one who works out. So, set a goal as per your body weight, shape, size, or strength and achieve it. 

Exercising or playing a sport daily has been beneficial to health for ages. Today’s sedentary lifestyle has taken away all physical activities. It is our responsibility to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Yoga, gym, or any bodyweight workout not only has physical benefits but also has mental benefits like reducing stress and anxiety. 

Proper Nutrition

Our body needs energy and the proper amount of nutrients to perform well. Focusing on clean and fresh food, mostly vegetables and vegetarian food is required to be healthy and fit. It’s not healthy to eat food that has been cooked 2 or more hours in advance. 

Apart from eating a clean and nutritious diet, one should know about the timing, quantity, and combinations of food. Also, keep a track of macronutrient proportions. It also depends on your body type, weight, fat percentage etc.

Drink clean Water

Water is one of the major contents of our body. Drinking clean water is a must. Nowadays water is stored in disposable plastic bottles, which makes the water toxic. Water should be stored in metal or glass containers. (3)

Consuming more amount of water in the morning is seen to be beneficial. Drinking water during a meal can cause acidity or indigestion. Replace any soda or soft drinks with water to be healthy.

Maintain Hygiene

Hygiene is important in today’s world because there is too much pollution, unclean practices in urban places, and poor drainage systems. Keeping your house and surroundings clean is a must when it comes to health. 

Have a bath once or twice a day. If you are a person who works outdoors or plays a sport, make sure you take a bath when you get back home.

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