Value of Discipline – 4 Proven Ways To Be Self-disciplined

What is the real meaning of discipline?

Meaning of discipline

When the word “discipline” comes to your mind, what do you generally think of it? It probably has to do something with a strict teacher, following some guru, or controlling your actions, but is that really the true meaning of discipline?

Discipline in itself means “to learn”, to learn something new every day and every moment of your life. It doesn’t involve conformity, which is to imitate what others consider as high regard.

When it is imposed by others; be it society, teachers, or any kind of organization, it ceases to be disciplined because there is no new learning about oneself. So when one revolts against that sort of conformity, self-discipline takes place naturally.

The essence of self-discipline has tremendous positivity, starting from childhood to the very end of our lifetime. It has its own order that comes about when you are constantly learning about yourself, that is not making any conclusions.

Importance of Discipline

Value of discipline

Every philosopher, psychologist, and other self-help book has said how essential self-discipline is. Discipline that acts through awareness is not a practice or routine. Instead, it is an action that solely depends on the present moment.

The discipline of self-control is just an idea with no absolute freedom because you are doing something out of self-pity. When you do this, there cannot be a fundamental transformation. But when discipline comes into being out of your freedom and observation, you start growing limitlessly.

So let’s talk about what discipline can actually provide us:

1) It establishes harmony and order

Yes! Self-discipline creates harmony among human beings and makes an individual take necessary steps in order to grow in one’s career and other aspects of life. It maintains peace and love by revolting against corruption and its politics.

2) Promotes freedom with technology

There has been a huge spike in the advancement of technology over thousands of years. That is completely normal, but the way we live with this advancement doesn’t really mean anything.

We have no order to control this enormous technological field. Without proper freedom and discipline, we are no more than slaves to this outward development. So to create order, there must be an inward revolution that comes through self-discipline.

3) Helps in stopping procrastination

Procrastination is a common problem these days. Everyone is going through these struggles and we want a miracle to happen at some point. This is where discipline puts aside that kind of mindset and enables you to get things done on a daily basis.

It works like an auto-pilot. When you’re disciplined, things happen when they need to happen. You don’t have to get them done depending on how you feel.

4) Helps you with time management

Time management is one of the important skills that you can develop because it is needed in almost every area of your life. Discipline involves certain habits that help you to stop procrastinating. By doing this, you save a lot of time for different tasks and manage them accordingly.

5) Does wonder for your spiritual health

Discipline has a major role to play when it comes to living a spiritual life. But this discipline doesn’t involve torturing your mind or body. There is no set of rules that you need to do. All you need is an open mind to see everything as it is.

This has more to do with rediscovering yourself. Social conditioning and society have made us develop really strong egos. Only this time, we get to be little kids again with the wisdom of truth, awareness, and mindfulness.

6) Builds your emotional well-being

It deals with emotions as well as your habits. Emotions are natural and healthy, but some could be more challenging. They need to be expressed as though you are in charge of them, not the other way around.

For example, anger. This emotion can take over you and make you do things that you would regret later. Suppressing anger doesn’t mean you are free from it. You need to be aware and express it maturely and healthily.

7) Psychological development

Discipline makes an individual patient, polite, and content. It helps to channel your energy into things that are necessary. Things that happen around us cannot be controlled, but we can change our attitudes and reaction toward them.

A conscious mindset is necessary to develop a positive personality. A lack of a conscious approach can harm you and also the people around you.

4 Ways to be Self-Disciplined

So you may question “how to begin this journey?”

To begin, you need to be aware and conscious of your present state – the way you feel, the way you talk, the way you see everything around you.

1) Be a light to oneself:

Always remind yourself that all you have is yourself. Don’t depend on anybody to make things do for you. While doing so, you then become in charge of your life, not only financially but also emotionally, inwardly, and psychologically.

2) Live in the present:

 This phrase is widely spread but it is kind of difficult to follow? Isn’t it? It becomes difficult when you don’t want to accept a situation the way it is. The moment you start wanting answers or solutions, you cease to live in the present.

So, make sure to accept and pay attention without any effort. In this way, you can truly be mindful and would eventually see things more clearly.

3) Know your strengths and weaknesses:

Everyone is unique and therefore they have their own set of things which they are good at and things that they are bad at, but that doesn’t mean you are any less than the other.

It’s just that you haven’t paid attention to your weaknesses and hence you couldn’t overcome it. Self-awareness is a powerful tool to expand your comfort zone.

4) Set realistic expectations:

Don’t be driven by social media or people that make you set goals that you cannot sensibly achieve. Be true to yourself, be authentic so that you know what you can achieve with minimum effort.

Don’t get distracted by temptations or money. These things can easily tear apart your life. Do what you really enjoy and keep doing it even if it doesn’t make you famous or get you money. You can be content wherever you are if you do so.

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