What is Motivation? – 7 Tips On Staying Motivated

Introduction Motivation is a source that revolves around you, your creativity, productivity and in the end something that makes you feel proud of. It is what that causes us to start things up, to change, to adapt and to feel involved and significant. Motivation involves emotional, social and genetic factors that activate your behavior. Although, … Read more

Meditation types – 8 best techniques

What is meditation about? Meditation or Dhyana is believed to have originated from an ancient system of yoga and certain other Hindu traditions. It is now being practiced in almost every religion in one form or the other to create inner peace and harmony. Meditation is less about faith and more about training individual’s awareness … Read more

Pranayama in yoga – How it works and its benefits

What is prana? Before getting into pranayama, let’s first understand what prana is. There is no comparative word for prana in English, but we can call it “life force” or “vital energy”. It is needed for physical and other subtler layers of the body. Without prana, the body would cease to exist. It is the … Read more