6 Health Benefits of Running Everyday – 6 Important Tips – 6 Running Mistakes To Avoid


Health benefits of Running

As you all know, running is one of the best forms of exercise, it is the most reliable exercise one can do to keep themselves healthy for a very long time. In this blog you will get to know about the benefits of running, how it will change your overall physique, strength, and stamina, looks, the cardiovascular system, and tips for beginners.

The main health benefits are:

1. Improves cardiovascular system: Running improves the heartbeat rate, strengthens the heart, and helps in taking in more oxygen. Runners have typically lower resting pulse rates and a high intake of oxygen, which makes the heart pump more blood at once, making the heart perform at ease.

2. Strengthens muscles: A daily run grows your muscles and strengthens them. Especially your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves and the upper body too to a certain extent. It also activates the muscles, joints, and tendons which are not put to use in daily life.

3. Maintains a healthy weight: Running is excellent for weight loss. Burning a lot of calories burns unwanted stored fat. Fat burning increases your metabolism rate which makes you active.

4. Strengthens bones: Weight-bearing exercises like running and jumping make your bones stronger by making them bear the bodyweight while doing a lot of activity. Increasing bone strength is very important to avoid any bone-related issues in old age.

5. Improves mental health: Running consistently improves your memory and the ability to learn. Going for a run outdoors improves your overall health because of the exposure to fresh oxygen which in turn relieves you from stress and anxiety

6. Reduces Cholesterol: Running reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) that blocks our blood vessels.

What does 30 minutes of running do?

One 30-minute run burns 200-500 calories, which is a great start for your fitness goal, be it weight loss or fat loss. When you start running daily for 30 minutes, you will sleep better. Your sleep quality will improve significantly.

The muscles will grow and give a nice shape to your body, your skin will start glowing and you will definitely have a flat stomach as you will lose fat.

An improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, balance in cholesterol, and lower stress hormones will increase your overall life expectancy, hence you will live longer.

Running always releases feel-good hormones that as endorphins which will make you happy and keep your brain functioning well.

Running and Jogging

Running and jogging are similar, but the difference is intensity. Running demands more energy from your muscles and engages the heart and lungs more compared to jogging.

These two forms of exercise come under aerobic exercises (exercises related to oxygen). That means any exercise that combines oxygen with blood glucose with body fat.

Tips to start Running

Running tips for beginner

1. Warmup before running: Warmup is required for any kind of exercise. You can warm up by doing some stretches, neck circles, wrist circles, foot circles, waist and knee circles, etc. You can also start jogging for a few minutes before the run.

2. Be hydrated: Get your water bottle with you, because you have to be hydrated enough before and during any exercise.

3. Comfortable clothing: Wear appropriate clothes during the run, not too loose and not too tight. Tight clothes restrict skin breathing and blood circulation, and loose clothes will interrupt our run. Try to wear clothes made up of light material.

4. Carbohydrates: Make sure you eat enough carbohydrates from morning to evening. It does not matter what time you run, but you have to have enough glucose in your body in order to keep your body energetic.

5. Post stretch: Stretching after running is necessary for your muscles to relax and grow. Follow some stretching and cool-down exercises.

6. Post-run meal: Have any kind of carbohydrate meal after the run. Running burns the glucose in your body, so you have to replenish the glucose after the run. Have a fruit or any glucose drink or any light carbohydrate food.

Avoid these Running mistakes

1. Doing in excess: Be within your limits when it comes to beginners. If you are a beginner, you have to be gentle with your body in order to get results and avoid negative effects. Do not push yourself to run beyond your capacity.

2. Running full stomach: Always exercise or run empty stomach. You can have a sip of water if you want, or have a sip of any glucose drink if you have to. But avoid doing exercises when there is food left in your stomach.

3. Urine/Colon clean: Empty your colon and urine before you exercise or run. Never exercise or run with those waste materials in your body. It may damage your digestive system, and drain your body fast, and you will not be comfortable during the run.

4. Avoid running on busy streets: The smoke from the vehicles and factories can get into your lungs if you run on a busy street. So go for a run in the morning or on the playground, or anywhere free from pollution.

5. Avoid too much water: Sip water if you need it before or during the run. Never get your stomach full of water because it will not allow you to run freely as well as it may give a small pain in the stomach.

6. Avoid uneven ground: Always run on plain ground or road where there are no bumps or ups and downs because you can sprain your ankle or damage any part of the leg.

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