Boost Immune System With Food – 10 Best Foods To Improve Your Health

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The immune system has its own important role in your body. It is responsible for defending against foreign organisms, germs, viruses, and so on.

There are various things that one can do to boost his/her immune system. As food is one of the most crucial and easiest to handle, why not start with the diet itself?

Feeding yourself certain foods may help in strengthening your immune system. The idea of it might seem interesting, but to do so is rather elusive.

For the immune system to function well, it needs balance and harmony. Our mind and body have to go hand in hand in order to do so, to get the best results.

Healthy living strategies such as not smoking or drinking, regularly exercising, quality sleep, healthy weight management, proper diet, and so on play important roles in your overall health which will consequently keep your immune system healthy.

10 Foods that will boost your immune function

1) Spinach

Spinach benefits

This superfood is not only rich in vitamin C but also packed with vitamin A, vitamin K1, and multiple antioxidants that are beneficial for fighting against infections. ( 1 )

It is also incredibly healthy in terms of other health aspects such as eye health, blood sugar levels, cancer, etc when it is cooked minimum so that it retains most of its nutrients.

2) Garlic

Garlic benefits for immunity

Garlic is the most used ingredient in the preparation of various dishes. Although raw garlic has its value in fighting infections and may slow down the hardening of arteries.

It is also a common home remedy to treat colds and other illnesses. It boosts immunity in such a way that it destroys viruses and other microorganisms. Garlic has also been used as an antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial agent.

3) Red bell pepper

Red bell pepper for immunity

They are an excellent source of vitamins A and C. They contain almost thrice as much vitamin c as an orange. Along with boosting the immune system, it also helps to keep your eye and skin healthy.

It also has properties of anti-inflammatory effects. The vitamin A in red peppers offers support for your overall vision and generally helps in healing wounds and boosting white blood cells.

4) Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits for immunity

Most people know that citrus fruits are popular for their vitamin C content. They turn to these fruits when they catch a cold because it helps improve their immune response.

Your body doesn’t produce or store vitamin C on a daily basis, that’s the reason why it is so essential for continued health. Almost all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, some of the popular ones are:
1) oranges
2) lemons
3) grapefruit
4) limes
5) pomelo

5) Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes for immune system

They are rich in fiber, iron, calcium, and certain other vitamins and minerals. They are also a good source of vitamin B and vitamin C. Hence, consuming sweet potatoes can help increase your immunity, and also the beta carotene present in them helps to protect your skin against ultraviolet rays.

6) Kiwis

Kiwis for immunity

They have a variety of health benefits that support the heart, digestion, and immunity. They are high in vitamin C and also an excellent source of dietary fiber and rich in various vitamins and antioxidants.

Along with vitamin C, it also includes folate, potassium, and vitamin K. Kiwis help in boosting white blood cells to fight various infections, while its other nutrients help the body to function efficiently.

7) Watermelon

watermelon benefits for immune system

This vegetable provides tons of benefits. It keeps you hydrated, improves heart health, and boosts immunity. Some studies also suggest that it may relieve muscle soreness and oxidative stress.

It is considered an immune-boosting fruit because of its content of vitamin C. In addition, it includes potassium and vitamin A as well.

8) Ginger

Ginger immunity benefits

Ginger is often used to give a spicy kick, mostly in Asian food. Even when you drink tea or any other similar beverage. Consumption of ginger benefits you in several ways – it keeps your mouth healthy (acts as an antibacterial agent), calms nausea, eases inflammation (arthritis symptoms), and lowers blood sugar.

Also, due to its strong anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidants, it may improve your immune response.

9) Broccoli

Broccoli benefits

This superfood is an excellent source of fiber, protein, and multivitamins that includes vitamin A, C, E, and K. Additionally, it also contains iron, calcium, and potassium. It indeed has a reputation as a superfood.

Moreover, broccoli also supplies an array of B vitamins – B1, B2, B3, and B6. It is power-packed with a variety of nutrients to support your immune system.

10) Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt for immune system

Yogurt is packed with vitamins and protein. Not only that, but it is also a source of a probiotic – lactobacillus, also found in other fermented products, has been shown to ease the severity of colds and infections and gives a boost to your immune system.

And vitamin D is also linked to how your body handles colds and flu. Low vitamin D levels may make you more prone to these illnesses.

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