How To Live A Happier Life – 7 Tips For A Joyful Life

We All Want To Be Happy. Don't We?

All of us want to live a happy life, no matter what. It’s just natural and human nature. Everything around us has to be joyful and peaceful in order for us to be happy. We can’t just accept chaos within and around us, and then expect to be in peace. To be happy, we need order and harmony within ourselves. 

So, that brings us to validating our daily lifestyle – what we do, what we eat, how we pass time, and so on. Even the smallest mistake can disrupt our everyday happiness. When we talk about a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to see that sleep and food are our closest friends. Without them, everything we do is mostly insignificant.

Our main priority should be health, which includes our physical, mental, and spiritual states. As many of you know the proverb “Health is wealth”, our happiness basically starts with this. As you get stronger in terms of mental and spiritual health, you fall into a pit of choiceless joy.

7 Tips To Live a Healthy And Happy Life:

Tips to live a happy life

What you do every day is the result of your energy and that energy is a limited resource. You begin your day with a certain amount of energy that depends on a lot of factors like sleep, age, lifestyle, and medical conditions.

You spend loads of energy on various activities and at the end of your day, you may not be aware that you are completely depleted of it. When this happens, you may not feel like yourself and eventually, that leads to unhappiness. (1)

So, let’s find out what you can do in order to save the energy that you need for your happiness to make you a joyful human being who is also productive simultaneously:

1) Stick to a well-balanced diet:

You might have read this time and time again and it matters a great deal. Nourishing your body and mind with good food not only sets the mood but also keeps you energized for a long duration. A balanced diet consisting of a variety of fruits and vegetables and whole grains is sufficient to supply you with optimal energy.   

Also, don’t forget that food is an important factor for your physical and mental health. So, always make sure that you are choosing the right food that is suitable for you. 

2) Quality sleep:

The key to happiness is not just long sleeping hours but the quality of sleep that you get during that period. Many people have this misconception that the quantity of sleep decides how energetic you are, but that’s not entirely true. If you are sleeping for long hours and you still feel lazy or can’t be productive indicates that you are not sleeping right. 

Some of the tips that you can follow to get quality sleep are:

  1. Take a lukewarm water bath before going to bed
  2. Listen to calm and soothing music while sleeping
  3. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks late in the day
  4. Minimize or avoid using mobile phones just before sleeping
  5. Avoid heavy consumption of alcohol
3) Be physically active:

Moving your body from time to time can put aside all sorts of negative thoughts, anxiety, and so on. Being active, it could be yoga, gym, swimming, or even walking can impact your brain positively. Not only does it help you get rid of stress and tension but also strengthens muscles and builds endurance. 

So, it is absolutely essential for an individual to indulge in physical activities to promote a sense of well-being and happiness. 

4) Find a sense of purpose:

Doing something meaningful every day can make you feel joy and peace. Do anything that you love to do, even if it is as simple as writing, cooking, or singing. Putting your efforts into what you like will reserve most of your energy because it is pretty much effortless and will bring the best out of you. 

5) Acknowledge your thoughts:

We often try to run away from our thoughts and that is never the right approach. Instead, we should see them as facts and acknowledge that they are a part of us. Experience and feel every moment of your life; be it happy, misery or joy.  

Once you do that, you see it as it is and there is no escape from it because escaping is a subtle form of wastage of energy. Once there is no escape, you be in the present and not look for ways to suppress it. 

6) Keep a journal:

Sometimes our thoughts are overwhelming and we immediately get anxious about all the little things in life. So, you can try keeping a journal for yourself. All you have to do is write down your thoughts as they come to you. This will help you organize them more clearly since it is one of the healthiest ways to express yourself. Journaling can:

1) Help you cope with stress and anxiety.

2) Reduce symptoms of depression and other emotional states.

3) Help you with prioritizing your concerns and fears.

4) Help you see your triggers and how to deal with them more effectively. 

7) Connect with people:

It’s not just about socializing with random people but connecting with those who are far more considerate and compassionate. Being around them would make you feel more secure and calm. Don’t run for comfort; be it friends, drugs, or any kind of stimulant. This might give you temporary relief but won’t help in the long run. 

Connecting with those who radiate positivity and have a non-judgment outlook on life can energize you, whereas people with a negative outlook can drain your energy without you being aware of it. Be selective about your company and friends.

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