14 Amazing Dry Fruits And Fruits For Glowing Skin

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The fruit diet is followed by yogis for its amazing benefits. This blog is about dry fruits and fruits for glowing skin. Fruits have many nutrients that our body needs in order to function wonderfully well. They have fiber in them which helps in proper digestion.

Fruits are rich in antioxidants that prevent any oxidative damage. Pineapple and cucumbers are great for reducing acne because of their Vitamin A content. Listed below are some dry fruits and fruits for glowing skin. 

Which Fruit is Good for Skin Glow?

1. Lemon

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, which has anti-aging properties. It also reduces hyperpigmentation and scarring. Lemon helps in replenishing the skin after it has gotten tanned or sun-damaged. It is used in many skin products as it has cleansing properties.

Add lemon to your diet. Drink lemon water with honey in the morning empty stomach. It also helps in regulating the digestive system. You can squeeze a lemon on your salad or sprouts. 

If you want to remove the tan, mix some lemon juice with sugar, and apply it to the tanned areas. This will help you get rid of it. 

2. Oranges

Oranges are also rich in Vitamin C. Having Vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges every day will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Antioxidants in oranges help fight free radicals in the body, which minimizes DNA damage.

Vitamin C promotes collagen production, which helps keep the skin firm, and youthful and shows anti-aging effects. Have a piece of orange in the morning, which will help digestion as it contains Vitamin C and fiber. You can make orange juice and carry it to your workplace. 

Applying squeezed orange juice on pigmented spots can help reduce them. Using orange juice with small amounts of lemon juice will help keep your skin clean and hydrated.

3. Cucumber

Cucumbers are known for hydration. Usually, they are not considered fruits, but they have beautiful effects on the skin. They contain mostly water which is why they cool our system. They are high in antioxidants which protect our cells from free radicals. 

Cucumbers contain Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which makes our skin glow. You might not get these effects if you eat them by peeling off the skin. So, remember to eat without peeling.

Cucumbers also help reduce dark circles. They are the best to eat empty stomach, or after coming home, before having big meals, etc. You can use them in salads and sandwiches or just eat them directly. Make sure to wash every fruit or vegetable before consuming it.

4. Pineapples

Pineapples contain Vitamin C, along with Vitamin A and Vitamin K. They can improve skin texture and reduce acne and sun spots. They contain bromelain, which is anti-inflammatory. (1)

It helps in healing the skin. You can have pineapple in the mornings. Use them as face packs mixed with milk. You will get brighter skin by adding pineapples to your diet. 

5. Apples

An apple a day not only keeps a doctor away but also keeps your skin healthy and young. It also contains Vitamin C, A, and antioxidants which aid in many skin issues. Make sure you wash the apple for a minute before consuming it. (2)

Having this fruit for breakfast gives an excellent start to your day. It wakes you up. Apples have insoluble fiber, which helps food move through the intestinal tract effortlessly. Add them to your salads and smoothies with other fruits like bananas and berries. 

6. Bananas

Bananas are the most famous fruits that are easy to eat. Just peel and eat. Bananas contain Vitamin A, C, K, E, folate, and some minerals. This makes them effective in improving your skin health. It is a very nutritious fruit that contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

Applying mashed or crushed banana to your skin instantly moisturizes and smoothens it. Bananas are also suitable for digestion because of their fiber content. The banana smoothie is delicious and filling. Adding bananas to salads or in oatmeal makes it a complete meal. 

7. Grapes

Grapes are those fruits that are loaded with antioxidants. They help protect our skin from sun damage. They also contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and folate. Grapes can be added to oatmeals, smoothies, or just eaten directly. But make sure you wash them properly before consuming them.

8. Papaya

Papayas are rich in antioxidants which will help your skin look young. The enzymes present in papayas help in decreasing acne control. They are rich in Vitamin A, which can also prevent inflammation. 

You can use them as face masks. Have them in your daily diet and get the benefits.

Dry Fruits for Glowing Skin

Fruits for glowing skin - Dry fruits for glowing skin
1. Figs

Figs contain Vitamin C, K, and Vitamin B6, which help in sebum production that help prevent moisture loss. They increase the production of collagen and prevent wrinkles. Vitamin C and antioxidants help remove dark spots and make your skin even tone. (3)

2. Dates

Dates contain Vitamins B and A, which help heal dry and itchy skin. Dates improve the elasticity and texture of the skin. They can remove your stretch marks and make the skin smooth and fair looking. Dates also prevent skin aging, so you will not get wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Raisins

Raisins also slow down the process of aging and help heal spots and blemishes. Raisins contain omega-3 fatty acids, which helps keeps the skin glowing. Add them to your breakfast or snack, or dessert.

4. Almonds

Almonds contain Vitamins E, protecting from sun damage and slowing down aging. Almonds help moisturize the skin making it soft and smooth. Add almonds to breakfast, and mix crushed almonds into desserts and salads.

5. Cashew nuts

Cashews help in improving the complexion of the skin and prevent wrinkles. They contain zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium, and phosphorus. Add them to your breakfast or eat them whenever you are hungry. 

6. Pista

Pista contains healthy fat that moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy. It also contains Vitamin E, which prevents sun damage. They are tasty dry nuts. Eat them directly to enjoy their taste.

Make sure you have at least some of the fruits mentioned above in your daily life to fructify their benefits for glowing skin. 

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