Health and Wellness

Junk food

Junk Vs Healthy Food – 6 Disadvantages of Junk Food

Food is Life Everyone knows food is as important as the air we breathe and the water that we drink. Basically, it is a source of life. Food is fuel as well as medicine for ...
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Yoga Poses

What is Yoga? Importance And 7 Benefits

Introduction: The origin of Yoga is believed to be several thousands of years ago and the knowledge and philosophy have been passed down from master to student for generations. Ancient sages observed and analyzed how ...
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Nutrition for health

Healthy Lifestyle – 5 tips for Health and Fitness

How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle? Nutrition The very first thing that one should prioritize in his/her life is Health and Fitness. It takes you on a path to creating a healthy lifestyle of your ...
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