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Sacral chakra

Importance Of The Sacral Chakra – 5 Natural Lifestyle Habits To Heal

Sacral Chakra The sacral chakra is the second primary chakra in the human body. This chakra is related to our "self," creativity, emotions, relationships with ourselves and with others, and sex drive.It is said that ...
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Yoga mental health

Yoga For Mental Health – Yogic Ways To Improve Your Well-Being

The name "Yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Yuj," which literally means 'union' - to come together and understand that we are all one. It marks its importance in postures, breath, and meditation as ...
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Root chakra healing

Importance Of The Root Chakra – 5 Lifestyle Habits To Heal

Root Chakra The root chakra is the first chakra in the human body. It is the basis of our physical well-being, hence the name "Root Chakra." Imagine a tree with weak roots. Would it be ...
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Exercises To Improve Posture

5 Effective Exercises To Improve Posture – Importance and Benefits

How often have you heard that good posture is crucial for your health? Maybe countless times, in a magazine, in a fitness video, in yoga, and also from your personal trainer. Every expert must have ...
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Healthy Food Chart

Healthy Food Chart – 20 Foods You Must Eat To Be Healthy

A healthy food chart contains foods that contain essential nutrients that you need in daily life. These foods, if consumed in the right quantities, have a lot of positive effects on our health. This healthy food ...
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Lifestyle change

Lifestyle Changes For Better Well-Being – Importance and 5 Benefits

Lifestyle represents your daily activities involving how you think, act, eat and live. These actions are your choices and tend to influence your life massively. Overall, they reflect your attitude, values, and personality. Lifestyle changes are ...
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Fruits for glowing skin

14 Amazing Dry Fruits And Fruits For Glowing Skin

The fruit diet is followed by yogis for its amazing benefits. This blog is about dry fruits and fruits for glowing skin. Fruits have many nutrients that our body needs in order to function wonderfully well ...
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Importance of mental health

Importance of Mental Health – 5 Proper Ways To Improve It

Why is our generation finding it so hard to deal with their mental state? Physically, we live the most comfortable and convenient life compared to our ancestors. So, what is causing such suffering, that is ...
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HIIT workouts for weight loss

HIIT Workouts For Weight Loss – 3 Full Body Workout Plan

What is HIIT Workout? HIIT means “High-Intensity Interval Training.” HIIT workouts for weight loss consist of intense exercises with particular rest periods. These workouts are between 10 mins to 30 mins in duration. This is ...
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Cardio Exercises At Home

Cardio Exercises At Home – 7 Effective Exercises For Perfect Health

What is Cardio Exercise? Cardio, cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, is basically an activity that gets your heart rate up. It is an activity that makes you breathe deeply and rapidly as you engage large muscle ...
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diet chart for weight loss

Diet Chart For Weight Loss – 6 Nutritious Meals

Weight loss and weight gain rely on your calorie intake per day. Our diet chart for weight loss will give you an idea of what a weight loss diet should be. Before that, you need ...
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Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic Diet – Benefits And Diet Plan For Detoxification

What is Ayurvedic Diet? The concept of Ayurveda has been around for more than five thousand years. The word "Ayurveda" is a Sanskrit word that combines "Ayur" (life) and "Veda" (Science). In literal terms, it ...
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