Why mental health is important – 6 ways to improve mental health

What is mental health? As it indicates “health”, it is a huge part of your well-being, but also the most important component when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. This aspect of life includes thoughts, behavior and emotional structure. To put it in simple words, it is about how people think, feel and act. The … Read more

Pranayama in yoga – How it works and its benefits

What is prana? Before getting into pranayama, let’s first understand what prana is. There is no comparative word for prana in English, but we can call it “life force” or “vital energy”. It is needed for physical and other subtler layers of the body. Without prana, the body would cease to exist. It is the … Read more

6 basic Bodyweight exercises – Crucial for Muscle strength and endurance

Why body weight exercise? As you guys know that in todays lifestyle, we get very less time for going to the gym, yoga classes, outdoor games or sometimes even for a walk. So, the key to be fit is “at home workout”. You just need your body and shape.  There are lots of content about … Read more

Chakras in human body

What are chakras?  In the yogic culture, the word “chakra” literally means “wheel”. But these chakras are not in the shape of a circle or wheel rather they are in the form of triangles. They are spinning energy centers in our body. Chakras are not something fancy as mentioned in sci-fi, comic books or anime. … Read more

What is Yoga? Importance and 7 benefits

What is Yoga? Importance of Yoga and its benefits Yoga Introduction: The origin of Yoga is believed to be several thousands of years ago and the knowledge and philosophy has been passed down from master to student for generations. Ancient sages observed and analyzed how the cosmos (universe) and human beings are connected. As many … Read more